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Welcome Party-Goers!

Have A Seat in Color and Celebrate in Coziness & Style with Cozy In Color, Katy's newest party rental resource.  We offer for rent cozy and colorful folding chairs, chair covers, tables and specialty items such as our doughnut wall, champagne cart and candy cart for all special events.  Select "Book A Cozy In Color Service" to view our available products and rent (or reserve) your Cozy In Color service today!  Visit "Ask About Our Cozy In Color Planning Consultant" below for your personalized party planning consultant.

Rent Your Kind of Cozy In Color

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Ask About Our Cozy In Color Party Planning Consultant

 We offer comprehensive services to help you plan the perfect party. Select from our available Cozy In Color inventory for your party needs. Then book your event date on our Cozy In Color Calendar. Finally, get assigned your personalized Cozy In Color Party Planning Consultant and estimate the cost using our flat fee party package prices.  Your Cozy In Color Party Planning Consultant will finalize your purchase and make sure your party is a success. With our help, you can be sure your party will be the talk of the town.

About Cozy In Color

At Cozy In Color, we believe that adding color to your event can instantly uplift your mood, the mood of your guests and make you feel cozier. With a range of colorful seat covers, tables, chairs, a champagne wall, a donut wall & candy carts, we can help you celebrate with coziness & style. Take our 'What Color Makes You Cozy' test to find out which colors suit your vibe the best.

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Get 10% Off Your First Doughnut Wall Booking!

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