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Cozy In Color


Cozy In Color was founded in July 2023 and will officially launch with all inventory in March 2024.  Until our grand opening with our full array of inventory, we are offering various promotions on our available inventory which are currently our Doughnut 4Get Cozy In Color doughnut wall, our Champagne With Cozy In Color cart and our party-planning consulting flat fee services.  Cozy In Color has been designed to be the premiere party rental resource in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas in the Houston-Metro and we look forward to assisting you with the best Cozy In Color party experience.  Please celebrate our Mission as well as our Values & Vision with us and join the Cozy In Color community by booking your first rental service today.

Zebra Crossing


Like A Zebra, We Won't Change Our Stripes.

We Love Our Clients and believe in Service Excellence. 

Our Mission at Cozy In Color party rental company is to: 

Be Honest & Fair

Be Recognizable

Be Social

Be Aggressive in Business Acumen and Client Service Excellence

Be Evolving and Involved in our Community & Client Culture

Be Collaborative 

Be Colorful

Be Cozy 

Be Unique

Bring (More) Fun

Black Balloons

Our Values & Vision

At Cozy In Color, we value getting to know our Client.  We want to support you with our products during every celebratory occasion: from your Birthday Party to your Wedding and from your Promotion Party to your Retirement Party.  We want to be able to suggest our best products based on the event you are interested in booking and build a rapport with you through your valuable feedback.  We want you to think of happy times when you see our logo and think about the service we delivered.  

We value integrity and fairness in our pricing.  We understand that everyone's budget will vary and that is why we offer several products and services to fit each Client's needs.  Our Cozy In Color Rental Services Agreement will outline all the terms and conditions of our business relationship and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you whether you book with us one time or become a repeat Cozy In Color client.  

We value keeping things fun!  We wish to camouflage into our Client's culture bringing (more) fun while keeping the spotlight on their booked event.  

There is a Massai proverb that says:

"A man without culture is a like a zebra without stripes".

Let us serve you with our best Cozy In Color self!  Your fun begins today!!!

Black Balloons
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