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  • How does delivery of the item(s) or return of the item(s) work?
    Cozy In Color does not provide self-service party rental equipment. We, as a part of our excellent client service, will manage your Cozy In Color experience. For instance, if you rent our Champagne With Cozy In Color cart, we will be on-site at your event to bartend the experience. If you book our Doughnut 4Get Cozy In Color, we will assist you and your guests with the Doughnut 4Get Cozy In Color experience. The exception to this policy is if we are renting chairs and tables (and other decor for your Cozy In Color experience). A full Cozy In Color Rental Services Agreement will outline the details of the rental agreement between Client and Cozy In Color but these items will be dropped off and picked up by a Cozy In Color coordinator.
  • Do I get my money back if I have to cancel my reservation?
    Regrettably, no. As mentioned, we will be happy to grant you the same service on a different day of your choice. Please e-mail us at should you need to cancel your booking (for any reason) and we will transfer your booking fee to another day.
  • What is the price for each service?
    Please see attached current pricing and availability for our Cozy In Color inventory.
  • How far in advance should I reserve my party rental equipment?
    As soon as you are aware of the date you wish to book, please book. We ask our clients to have at least one other day in mind, if we are completely booked for their first choice. We, of course, will do everything we can to accommodate your first choice.
  • Can I make changes to my reservation once booked?
    Minor changes can be made to your reservation once booked (i.e. changing from one day to another if available, changing the time if available, adding on an additional service). Should you wish to add additional items or make any minor changes to your booking, please e-mail us at
  • What will happen if the party rental equipment is damaged during my event?
    If this unfortunate circumstance were to occur, the Lessor or Client would be fully responsible for the damages. A complete explanation of how this situation would be handled can be found in the Cozy In Color Rental Services Agreement.
  • What type of party rental equipment does Cozy In Color rent?
    We offer for rent cozy and colorful folding chairs, chair covers, tables and specialty items such as our doughnut wall, champagne cart and candy cart for all special events. For a complete list of available items, please visit our inventory and pricing list in the attachment under FAQ question #2 or e-mail us at
  • What if I have to cancel my reservation?
    We understand that things come up and cancellations may be necessary. Unfortunately, we are unable to process any refunds once your booking is final. We value your business. If a client must cancel, we will gladly transfer their booking fee to another day of their choice. No additional fee will be charged for this transfer.
  • How long is my rental period? Can it be extended?
    The traditional rental period is charged hourly with a minimum of one (1) hour and a maximum of six (6) hours. There are unique circumstances where the rental period for our equipment can be extended for a full 24-hour period and this extension will be granted on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee.
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